Let me be honest with you.  My thumb is only a pale green.  I don’t have a farm, just a small hillside in Missouri I call home.  I don’t have a degree in horticulture, a tractor, suspenders or a straw hat.

What I do have is the desire to grow the healthiest, most flavorful food my family has ever tasted.  I am hoping you do too.  That is why you are here isn’t it?  It is so important.  I’m glad we’ve found each other.

This blog shall bear these responsibilities.

  • To archive the failures and successes in our home garden.  This will be my garden journal that I can reference back to when I need to remember that one little bit of information that maybe I had forgotten about.
  • To discuss the general topic of health as it relates to food.  The word “organic” will pop up a lot, and we will get out of our veggie comfort zone.
  • To give you the opportunity to see what I am doing and make changes to fit your own garden.  I can be your “garden test lab”.
  • To help bring up new ideas, awareness and viewpoints when it comes to gardening at home.  Hopefully your comments will give me the chance to adjust something in my garden to help me become more successful.
I hope you enjoy this blog.  You are the reason I write it.  
Please if you will be so kind, sign up to follow it.  I would hate for us to part ways.  Just look for the sign up form on the right side of the page.  It is the ultimate complement, and I thank you.  

I welcome comments, and would appreciate your feedback.    

44 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Paul
    Thanks for ‘liking’ ‘Frosty morning 3’. It seems you could be having lots of frosty mornings yourself over the next couple of months! It’s very helpful information for gardeners.

  2. Love this blog!! And so glad to have found you. I do like the word, “organic” – a lot😉. I share your passion for gardening and good food and so will hang out a lot over here. I totally dig (ha, ha, pun intended) your site name “seed to salad.”

    My children and I did a little seed experiment. I have a feeling you will like it –
    Thanks for sharing your ideas on such a good and necessary topic. To your health.

  3. I’m in SW MO too, havent started any indoor seeds yet, although I have the “itch.” But my bulbs, mums, onions and whatnot are all spouting outside given our balmy non-winter weather. Last yr was my first yr trying seeds indoors wiht a heating mat and grow lite. Was phenomenal, but I did start tomato’s too early. It’s a learning experience every season.

  4. Hi Paul, thanks for liking my compost post. Like you my thumb is only a pale shade of green, but getting greener by the day. Look forward to reading more…

  5. Love your blog. Glad I found it (or rather you found me). Either way … I’m a gardener and lover of all things growing. I have a tiny area with raised beds and a small green house. I live within city limits and have precious little space.

    I hope we can share ideas, learn how to do better with what we have and most of all grow AWESOME food.

    Since I’m in North Texas, gardening can be challenging … last summer was incredibly awful due to the drought and hot summer. Looking forward to reading your posts.

  6. Hello. A few days ago, you commented on my blog (thank you), and it gave me the chance to really explore your site. Nice job. I’m not sure if you’ve heard of Blotanical, a search engine of sorts for garden bloggers. You can search and explore other gardening blogs, and even register your site. The link is http://blotanical.com. Cheers!

  7. Thank you so much for doing this! It’ll be so cool to follow your gardening journey. I’d love to be able to grow all of my own food one day =)

  8. Thanks for sharing your garden journal with us! I look forward to following your blog. Where in Missouri are you? And I love your mission on becoming as organic as possible. My husband and I are on the same path.
    Deanna Greens And Garden Art has a greenhouse to be moved to rural St. Charles County in May. We will be a 9-month operation once we move. We want to keep the noise pollution and utility costs down with smaller fans. We hope to sell at area farmer’s markets our herbs and starter plants.

  9. Thanks for liking my post on homemade bread! Glad you found me, because this year I want to start gardening again. Used to have a nice big garden, but after I moved from Germany to Nova Scotia (into the sticks), I haven’t grown anything yet, except for some flowers. I look forward to reading more of your posts.

  10. Love your site. Thanks for “liking” my blog. We foodies must grow together in word and deed. I bought seeds yesterday, although it is merely February! Virginia has had a VERY warm winter so far, so I may be bent over sooner than I plan. Keep up this delightful blog.

  11. I have nominated your blog for a Sunshine Award Please stop by oceannah.wordpress.com for details about collecting your award. It’s simple, not a gimmick, you just pay it forward to other blogs.  Have a great day!

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  13. Thanks for dropping by and checking out my blog. I think yours is great, informative and fun! I’m looking forward to reading more.

  14. I’ve nominated you for the kreativ blogger award since I think your blog is wonderfully fun, tasty and creative. Pass by the homestead and collect your award if you like:)

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  16. Thanks for visiting my blog. Decorative gardening is so impt to me, but I buy all my food at the local farmer’s market. And we are having a fantastic season here in SC. You are in Ballwin? I am from Florissant!

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