My Farmers’ Almanac

Is it time to get things going outside?

As you can see from the photos I have an excellent helper today.  He has been asking me almost daily when we are going to plant something in the garden.  I keep telling him we need to get closer to the frost date or things might freeze and die.  His response was “It is going to be 80 tomorrow”.  I guess that it good enough for me.

My farmers’ almanac is a six year old.

Last year I think I had to much going on.  This early spring planting will consist of only cabbage and broccoli.  Two of my all time favorites.  I did throw some Black Beauty Zucchini seeds out as well.  That is it though.  Going for quality over quantity.  I seem to always struggle with broccoli, so if I am able to concentrate on taking care of only a few varieties maybe I will have better luck.


Time to get started.


Posing with the hole.


Showing off the produce.


Placing some broccoli in its new home.


Love the glove-to-boy proportion.


Giving it some TLC.


Pat Pat Pat.  Tuck Tuck Tuck.



He told me watering was his favorite part because digging is “hard work”.  Tell me about it.  That is why I have him doing it.  I have found it much easier this year taking photos from my lounge chair.  Ah, these kids are finally paying off.

Now what do you think the odds are of me convincing him to wash his hands before we eat?

6 thoughts on “My Farmers’ Almanac

  1. Congrats on starting your spring garden! Since our supposed last frost date here was March 5th, we have a few things going… but this spring has been so odd that we hold our collective breath every time we get a cool night. I’m gingerly tending to peppers, tomatoes, zucchini and herbs.

  2. Wonderful! Love the pictures of your enthusiastic helper. It’s going to be 80 here today too so I hope my kids will be out helping me water. The peas and the favas will certainly appreciate it.

  3. Love the pictures. I agree with you and your son, digging is the hardest part. I’m still nursing baby plants in the house and can’t wait for my garden spot to be tilled up. Hoping it’s done soon.

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