Miss Vickie’s ~ melting the snow and melting my heart

Chips on a pile of snow.  What a beautiful photo opportunity.

This weekend we had a major snowstorm.  Out of curiosity I went ahead and looked up the chance of snow on March 24 in my city.  The answer:  Snow is exceptionally unlikely to fall at this location on March 24th.

Really?  Exceptionally unlikely?

Then why when I step in what should be my “awakening from a winter slumber lawn” I lose the ability to see my shin bone and my knee cap becomes cold and wet?

We should be talking about the spring garden, but alas we shall discuss chips instead.


I recently stumbled on these crunchy discs of glory.  They are ooh so good.  I get to praise them on Seed To Salad because they contain nothing artificial.  They are not organic per say, but close enough for me.  If you have to eat a chip, you must try the Jalapeno flavored one they offer.  Did I just say “have” to eat a chip?  It’s not a punishment.

The older I get the more I like spicy foods.  The taste of spicy foods, not so much the heat.  That is why these chips delight me.  They taste like jalapenos but are not super hot.  Just enough to tickle the taste buds.

I have also tried the BBQ, Sea Salt & Vinegar and Just Plain Sea Salt.  All get my 5 potato seal of approval.

Go get ya some.

2 thoughts on “Miss Vickie’s ~ melting the snow and melting my heart

  1. I bet you can’t wait for gardening season, eh? We’ve got our little plants growing inside, and we got hit with lots of snow too on Sunday night. I thought it was Spring?! Nice to see you back!

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