Taking a Leek

I caught my son taking a leek in the backyard.

How embarrassing for the neighbors.

Actually he had permission and it was a leek, not a leak.  Shooo.  Awkwardness avoided.

That is about the hand size limit of leeks for a 5 year old.

As leeks mature you can pull soil or mulch up around the the plants to produce a longer blanched stem. I didnt do that this year.

He might have gotten the leek part right, but when I asked him to water the garden I am sure this wasn’t what I had in mind.

Though, it is 105 outside.  Why not?  Maybe I will join them.

9 thoughts on “Taking a Leek

  1. Go on, water fun is not only the reserve of children in such temperatures!
    I didn’t realise leeks grow in such heat. Maybe I’ll try some next year.😀

  2. Water fun!! As long as you’re not under a conservation alert, I say go for it!

    I had a few leeks in my garden… planted by accident. They turned out pretty good!

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