Never Gonna Give You Up ~ Garden Version

Turns out nothing can keep my garden down.  Not even the deer.  Reminds me of a song by Rick Astley.  

My garden is…  

Never gonna give you up, never gonna let you down

Never gonna run around and desert you

Never gonna make you cry, never gonna say goodbye

Never gonna tell a lie and hurt you

Here is the song if you want to reminisce.

Being most of the cucumber plant was nibbled off by deer, having the opportunity to show you this photo is a relief.

Even without most of the stems, the plant is still going to produce for me.  We have quite a few now, so it looks like we will make it after all.

An elf shoe, plain and simple.

This is more like it.  I expect many more where this came from.

The basil is my garden leader, setting the bar high and leading me to garden victory.

What are we going to do with all this basil?

Basil Pesto!  There will be a future post on how to make it.

For those that like to add a slice of spice to their food, hopefully you have some jalapenos growing in your garden.  So tasty!

In my house, the whole handful is mine!

I am not sure if you can see this in the photo but the zucchini flower is full of water.

I’m thinking about casting the flower out of concrete and selling it as the worlds first beebath.

Healthy and vibrant zucchini.

The leek is really thickening up.

I would have had a much larger eggplant to show you, but last week my 3 year old son decided it was ready to pick.

How can you argue with him, the eggplant was egg sized. Makes sense.

Where I live the temperatures are on the rise.  Think hot!  Big toe stuck in the gate of hell kind of hot!  This week they are talking about 103+.  So, these might be the last pretty pictures I post for awhile.

I better get out and appreciate it now while I have the chance.

24 thoughts on “Never Gonna Give You Up ~ Garden Version

  1. Hey Paul the Garden Guru! What fabulous photo’s of your garden! Ours is not quite to this stage yet, but it’s coming along nicely. (hopefully tomorrow I can do a garden update post on ours too) We have deer problems too, but so far, not in our garden. The deer are eating all of our flowers that are just about to bloom and it is sickening to walk outside to see little stalks where all the blooms once were. Good luck with your cucs as we hope they are ok. Darn deer!

  2. I hear you. It’s after 5p and it’s still triple digits in the shade here. My snow peas turned crispy a couple weeks ago and yielded the last pea pod this week. They’re all down on the ground now.

    So glad you’re having a good season for your cukes after all! I wish mine were doing so well. They were really bitter and puny. I pulled up half of what was growing. There’s still a chance for some good cukes on the remaining vine, but I’m not holding my breath. Other crops are doing really well though, thank the Lord!

    Oh and I really like the looks of your jalapenos!

  3. Things are holding up OK here in Northern California (knock wood.) Wind pushed over the runner beans, or maybe they just fell under their own weight, but I added a couple more posts and pushed them upright again. The asparagus ferns fell over onto the spinach patch, but it was going to seed anyway. And *something* took one very tiny bite of my 1st ‘Red Cherry Bomb’ pepper, and never touched it again.😉

  4. I’ll be singing that all day now! Your veg seem to have done really well. Those zucchini plants look amazingly healthy! Wish my basil was as big as yours, but it’s coming along… we are peso addicts, so there’s never enough anyway!😉

  5. Feeling your pain, dogwalkinggardener! Vancouver is sooooo cold, and nothing is growing – all my plants want to crawl back under the soil and keep sleeping. I know how they feel – wake me when it’s summer?

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  7. he he–Rick Astley! gotta love it….
    The garden looks like it is bursting into production! We had bean, peas, and our first cucumbers this week. When do you harvest leeks? I’m growing them for the first time! I have a potato leek recipe given to me years ago–and can’t wait to try it.

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