Activity is picking up a bit this week in the garden as temperatures have stayed steady in the 80’s and low 90’s.  After a long dry spell it finally rained this weekend.

The plants know the difference between hose water and rain.  That is for sure!

My first eggplant flower.

Don’t worry I won’t hurt you Mr. Eggplant.  No need to show me your thorns.

Click on the picture and take a closer look at the base of the flower.  Did you know it did that?

The cilantro seed germination was not as successful as I had hoped.  Though this one turned out alright.

Hope it stays strong because it’s all I have.

This week all the summer squash produced flowers.  I swear it happened overnight.   The flowers are really delicate as some have already fallen off.

This lettuce is so tightly wrapped I think I could pull it out of the ground and beat all the rabbits over the head with it.

I feel like I am in the movie Honey, I Shrunk the Kids.

“We’re now a quarter of an inch tall, and 64 feet from the house. That’s an equivalent of three-point-two miles. That’s a long way. Even for a man of science.” ~ Nick

Makin’ it rain!

The cucumber is doing extremely well.  It doubled in size this week.

Snow peas.  Lets have some!

What do you think?  Add some dip or straight off the vine?

18 thoughts on “Momentum

  1. It all looks so fresh and green, and delicious! I’d eat the peas straight off the vine. They wouldn’t even make it to the plate!😉

  2. oh, definitely straight off the vine…to dip would be to deny the full delicacy 😉
    Looks like things are doing super duper there. Yum and double yum.

  3. Your garden looks great! As for the snow peas, I say you should just eat ’em right away. I’m lucky if I can get mine washed before my oldest child scarfs them down. Thank the Lord for a garden hose! I have to wash everything outside before I bring it in. You never know how long veggies will last around here!

  4. I am so jealous of your wonderful garden! We had problems too with the seed germination of our cilantro, so we ended up purchasing a plant (for salsa) and our cucumbers have had a hard start, so we had to replant a few directly in the garden. Our entire garden was started with seeds indoors. We live in Cleveland, OH, and our weather has been up and down, so we are patiently waiting for our plants to sprout up huge one night. Your garden is what every gardener dreams of – great job!

  5. Beautiful photos and we are jealous of the heat you’re getting…The eggplant flower is very cool. (btw, maybe try the snow peas with a little creme fraiche, salt and lemon juice…good stuff).

    • Don’t be to jealous, I am already missing the nice comfortable 70’s. Working in the 90’s with humidity is not fun.

      That sounds good. I love lemon juice on just about everything so I am sure I would like it.

  6. Squash flowers only last a couple days, anyway. Do you have squash bees? The females make nests underground, but the males sleep in the squash blossoms. They get inside before the flower closes for the day, and then they come out the next morning to meet the females. You might find them in the early morning, pollinating before the honeybees even wake up.

  7. Your garden looks great! I learned the hard way about the little eggplant thorns the first year I planted them. Ouch! I’m a bit jealous about the squash. That is one of the few things I have to get at the farmer’s market because the borers make me insane.

    • I have been harvesting it for over a month. I just cut the tops off leaving at least 1/3 of it and it grows back within days. I am growing a lettuce mix, not head lettuce.

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