From Growing to Thriving

Things are finally starting to mature in the garden.  It seemed like the plants were in a holding pattern for the longest time.  Staying green, but just not getting any bigger.

The temperature has been a bit warmer over the past week (low 90’s) and I think the garden is really enjoying it.  Plus add to that a few days of rain.  That was the kick-start the garden needed.

The zucchini has really taken off.  I can tell these things are going to get huge.

Maybe a little to big for my garden.  But hey, the wife wanted zucchini so the wife gets zucchini.

The leek is finally thickening up.  It has been hairlike forever, but just this past week started bulking up a bit.  It also started to spread out into a more leek like form.

The leaves on this pepper plant look almost perfect.  I don’t expect them to stay that way for long.

Especially if whatever is eating my basil discovers this.

I am really excited about the eggplant this year.  I think they are one of the most beautiful fruits you can grow.  The smooth skin and deep colors that they get is pleasing to the eye and to the touch.  Throw in the pleasure of taste, and eggplant is rockin’ the garden.

Also eggplant parmesan is one of my favorite dishes, another reason to get excited.

Something has been munching on my basil.  I can understand why, the aroma is amazing.  Hope they leave some for me.

The lettuce mix has been going crazy.  We have been cutting salads out of here everyday and it grows back so quickly.

Last nights trimming.  I barely even made a dent in the stuff.  Great color and really tasty too. We definitely will grow this lettuce mix again next year.

The lettuce is helping Seed to Salad live up to its name.

Tomato in bloom.

Looks like we have a Memorial Day tomato back there.

Or a bunch!

Until next time,

21 thoughts on “From Growing to Thriving

  1. Thanks for forging a trail for me, I’m about a month behind, our weather in PA is colder, but my square foot garden is starting to show some green, and I’m excited. I always enjoy your posts. I’m going to plant my indoor start ups today.

  2. Hi, I tried to grow some basil in baby food jars, like the herbs you were growing in mason jars. It has been slow going, but with the weather finally heating up here in MI it seems to be getting better. However, my toddler got to a few of the jars and put rocks on top of the plants.
    Good ideas. I like your blog!

  3. This is inspiring me to grow lettuce, it looks so fresh and delicious! Everything is looking really beautiful there:)

  4. Great to see your garden is picking up! We had a warm spot here a few weeks ago but now the weather has been consistently gray and in the 60s, and my seedlings have been stagnant. Hopefully that will change with the weather!

  5. So exciting to see your plants thriving. We got May weather in April, and now we’re getting April weather in May. Hopefully, June will be nice and green.
    And eggplants are totally the most beautiful plants.

  6. What wonderful progress! Our lettuces are also doing well although the hail storm we had 2 weeks ago did some serious damage. We just this weekend planted our tomatoes and peppers and those plus the lettuces and herbs will be the only edible things we will grow this year. I’m looking forward to following your progress through the summer months.

  7. Great looking lettuce… seems sturdier than mine! I don’t blame something having a munch on your Basil as I would certainly be tempted too!

  8. Your garden looks lovely! I tried to grow tomatoes here in Ireland for the past three years but they never ripened, the sun doesn’t shine enough😦 The peppers stayed pretty small, too, so I gave up on veg, have redberries this year, so fingers crossed.

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