How Does Your Garden Grow?

A couple weeks ago I transplanted my sensitive plants outside before the last frost date.

Yes.  That is risky, proven by the 2 nights with a freeze warning.

Yes.  I am an outlaw, a rebel.  Living on the edge.  That is who I am.  Patience is not my strength.

Thankfully it looks like we made it through the cold nights.  I had everything covered really well and it seemed to do the trick.

Warmer days are ahead!

Tomato.  You look fabulous.  Don’t go changin’, to try to please me.

Well… an actual tomato would be nice.

I was most worried about these guys.  They are super sensitive to the cold.

Am I crazy that I love the smell of the tomato plant?  It’s not a nice sweet smell.  It is very earthy, and maybe that is why I like it so much.

When you start to experience the smell of your garden, then the fact that you and nature are working together to create food really comes alive.

I sowed the Sugar Ann Snow Peas directly into the garden a few weeks before the last frost.  I took this picture of them 1 week ago.

Just look at them now.

The Lettuce Mix is doing amazing.

I think you will be seeing a salad photo coming very soon to a blog near you.

It is almost to beautiful to eat.

I think I will have my wife harvest this.  I don’t think I can cut them.  We have gotten very close, I raised them from seed ya know.

The Zucchini germinated quickly.  In just a few days.

These plants grow really fast and get really big. They are growing like weeds.

Did I just insult my zucchini?

Herbs are popping up.  You have to make a little room for herbs in the garden.

You will thank me later.

We won’t be eating this.  This is also not in the vegetable garden.  But, I think it is worthy of making the blog.

It is a Japanese Maple tree that I bought on clearance for $10.  It was just about dead at the end of last season.

This tree is easily over $150 at the nursery when healthy.

As you can tell it is doing great.  All it needed was a little love, and I saved a bundle.

I had to show you a picture of the Phlox we have growing.


Just look at that picture and tell me there is no God!

Have a great week,

39 thoughts on “How Does Your Garden Grow?

  1. I’m so envious! Your little guys look so strong and healthy. I’m a few weeks behind on the lettuce and WAY behind on the tomatoes. It’s so hard being patient when it’s felt like Spring for so long. And last week’s freezing temps did not make me a happy gardener. I’m glad you fared so well.

    Wishing you continuing success!!

  2. Hey Garden Guru! Awesome photographs, good enough to eat! I have been waiting for a post from you to pop into my inbox – thanks for making my day! By the way, check out our blog and look for our gardening posts and let us know how we’re doing! Your comments would be most appreciated! This is our first time doing a raised garden bed, and our sprouts are coming along nicely. We just transplanted them into nice sized peat pots and we getting ready to plant right after the last frost in May. Take a look and leave us comments on how we’re doing! Thanks! Keep your posts coming, they are awesome!

  3. Your lettuce makes me wish I had taken a chance on lettuce myself. It’s gorgeous. Speaking of tomato plants, I found myself sniffing my tomato plants yesterday and noticing the smell… but I can’t really say I’m a fan. I don’t mind it, but I really prefer the smell of citronella to tomato.

  4. Beautiful photos. I love the smell of tomatoe plants, so no you aren’t crazy. I will just rub the leaves and take a big whiff occasionally. Love clearance too…just found a nice size cherokee purple heirloom tomatoe plant at Lowes for $4.99 yesterday.

  5. Great job! I’m just dying to get my plants out there, and today I will transplant leeks and set up the “Wall o’ waters” that, once they warm up, will protect my tomato plants. My tomato plants in the basement are HUGE and need to go outside, but it isn’t safe yet in Minnesota! I had peas coming up but the freeze killed them. The good news? Just plant more seeds! The lettuce, spinach, kale and swiss chard are hanging in there but slow… not nearly where yours are. You’ll be eating salads regularly within a week!!

  6. Beautiful pics! I love the smell of tomatoes too! I even saw a tomato candle once…I can’t remember the brand…maybe “roots”? It’s about as good as the smell of fresh dirt & campfire!

  7. Around here, we don’t plant our tomatoes until Derby Day (while we sip our mint juleps and place our bets on some horses). But it’s been such a warm, early spring that I MIGHT plant this weekend. I want to be rebel like you!

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