Herb Jars

This is a quick little project that you can do at home without much effort.

You should try this.  Why?  It’s nice to have fresh herbs sitting at arms reach in the kitchen ready to donate to your culinary masterpiece.

First thing you need are some big glass jars.

If you still have half a jar of pickles left you better get a chompin’.  It’s ok, they are low in calories right?

I add a little sand for the sake of drainage.

These jars do not have holes in the bottom like most planting containers, so I figured a little sand might help solve that problem.

Pack it down flat.

Add some organic garden soil.

Top it off with a few inches of seed starting mix.

Carefully, oh so carefully plant a few seeds just below the surface.

Label them so you don’t forget what is in each jar.  It is so easy to move them around and forget what is what.

Did you see it?  The magic.  This is just a few hours later, and we have some nice plants.  You had no idea I was this amazing a gardener did you?

Ok.  This might be weeks later, but it makes for a nice presentation if you get to see the finished product.

You also can note the lovely labeling my wife applied to the jar.  A woman and her Cricut Machine.  Goes together like peanut butter and jelly.

It does add a very nice detail don’t you think?





Mr. Chive is not growing as fast as the others.  Chives take longer to germinate, so give him a little time and he should catch up.

If I could get a few more chives to grow in there it would also look a little less silly.

Check out the awesome root structure.  That gives the glass jar part of it, some character.

If you try this project out or something similar and send me a picture I will post it and add a link to your blog at the bottom of this post.  Deal?

I would love to see it.

Send it to:  SeedToSalad@gmail.com

46 thoughts on “Herb Jars

  1. Like I have said before…. Paul, you are the Gardening Guru! This idea is so great and I love how you can see the roots in the jar. I’ve got some nice Prego jars calling my name now! Kudos to your wife and her Cricut Machine too! I have always wanted one of those machines. Nothing makes a neater idea than having it labeled properly!

  2. Paul, I think this looks lovely, and those are some good looking herbs! I would be concerned about growing them in glass jars, and those lovely roots are the issue. I used to do this with clay pots, beautifully lettered and painted in bright colors with some leftover paint from my bathroom. The drainage was a good feature, but also the clay pots protect the roots from the sun. I would worry about these guys getting enough sun for the plants but not burning the roots as the season progresses. For a spring project, though, it’s great. Are you planning on moving the plants outside at some point?

    • No plan to move them outside because I already have some growing there. These are just some close to the kitchen herbs. So far they are doing great, but I do understand your concern. The jars were free and the seeds were leftovers, so I guess if this summer they bow out, I didn’t lose much. As of now we are already using the bounty. Hopefully they do well all season.
      It helps that we have them in a window that only sees mild morning sun, so it doesn’t get to hot.
      Thanks for your comment.

  3. Fantastic post! It’s weird, this morning before I read this post I washed out a dorito dip jar and put aside for this purpose! Love the type on the jars, and I didn’t even think that you could see the roots.

    On a side note, will the roots not get damaged by sunlight, im new to all of this:)

  4. What a great idea, I’ve just shared with my followers as many of them are space poor but really want to grow some herbs. Thanks!

  5. Now I want to try this. I am not a gardener, but a cook. I do grow a little mint and chives outside in pots, but if I mastered the jar technique I could grow basil, parsley and dill without worrying about snails or spending money for copper tape.

  6. I love this post. Paul, the truth is I love all your posts. Their simplicity is beautiful in word, picture, and thought. You make me want to grow, create, and take in the lovely side of life. Sometimes I forget that side is there…thank you for your gentle reminders.

  7. Great idea. I would love to have fresh herbs growing in my kitchen except that we have a cat that eats them whenever I try. At least the cat has good taste. I will have to stick to my outdoor herb garden.

  8. Great Idea! As I live in Hong Kong and we have no grass just skyscraper apartments. I have a big sunny Kitchen window which would be perfect for my herbs. Take Care, BAM

  9. I would love to do this but the terrible thing is…where I live I have no room to grow anything! I do have a window but it is taken up by cactus. maybe I can convince the cactus to share with some herbs….we’ll see.

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  11. I’ll give this a go! I’m sure I must have a few odd packets of herb seeds somewhere. Would make an unusual centrepiece for a table as well, the diners could pinch the fresh herb leaves for a DIY garnish.

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  13. So happy to have found your site. I have lots of herbs in the yard, now I can have some in the house, yea! Jo @ Let’s Face the Music

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