Picnic Raid (and I am not talking about ants)

Watch the following video and read the article (link below) to learn about a Health department raid on a community picnic.

Health department raids community picnic and destroys all food with bleach | A Distinctive World.


What really gets me is that they poured bleach on the food.  What a waste.  At the very least some of it could be used to make compost.

I can imagine myself as part of the team raiding the picnic.  I would probably be forced into saying, “Stop!  Drop that salad!  A chopped vegetable is a naughty vegetable.  Instead, enjoy this nice can of spray cheese approved by the government.”

I guess if you grow and eat from your own garden you should worry that during dinner a SWAT team is going to crash through the window and start throwing bleach all over the kitchen.

Heaven forbid I eat something healthy from a place that cares about quality.

Comments?  Do you think the raid was justified?

20 thoughts on “Picnic Raid (and I am not talking about ants)

  1. Who owns America now? Good Question. Where the food supply goes, I’d say Monsanto does. They have infiltrated the USDA with their people, so you know they are making the rules to shut the small farmer down. People in this Nation need to put their differences aside, stand together, and take our Nation back, while we still can (or, IF we still can). It is sad we’ve let things go this far.

  2. Pure madness… and I thought the UK was the best at doing such things… They’ve started introducing weird rules in Germany too; in kindergarten the children are not allowed to bake or make their own lunch, as they had done for years, learning about vegetables and fruits in the process. Now food has to be brought in. And the kids won’t eat it!

    • I thought it was because the health department was calling it a “public event”, and they needed a special use permit. So, when they came to inspect everything they found what they would call “issues”. Like labeling problems. But, as the owner of the farm said, it was FROM the farm, so why would there need to be a label.

  3. That is absolutely ludicrous,. i have my own little farm to feed myself good clean food, will they close me down too!? and pour bleach on my cow? this is absolutely mental.. c

  4. That is super crazy! And NV is supposed to be a state that doesn’t like any government regulation! It is a shameful waste but I have to say I don’t really understand why the State did this? I’m sure there are lots of “community picnics/gatherings” going on all the time. They certainly don’t go out and regulate all of them. Plus, this one was prepared by real chefs? Makes no sense.

    P.S. I like your blog. Just found it!

  5. This made me sick. I emailed the link to several friends and family members and the feedback I’ve gotten so far is that it made them sick as well.

    Of course, we all have gardens or get food through an organic co-op, so we all feel the same way.

  6. Crazy! How can a choped vegtable be a biohazard? But its obviously been okay to serve “pink slime” in schools for years. Jepp definatly crazy.

  7. Wow- the folks who had to throw away all their food deserve a lot of credit for being so calm and compliant. Especially with the woman at the beginning. I’m surprised no one went to jail!

  8. This behavior by the government is simply unacceptable! These were innocent people that did everything right by the law. There needs to be major consequences for the way the health department acted.

  9. I just saw this post, and am appalled! I would like to know what has happened since then… has the person who prepared this picnic sued for damages and defamation???

  10. If you go to Quail farms website and click on farm-to-table you will see that it is now legal to have one of these events a month. anymore and they will see you as a restaurant and subject your farm to more regulations and inspections.

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